Our new site goes live – focusing on Agile SharePoint Development

Welcome to our new site

We have been working hard over the past few weeks to bring our site up to date. It started life as a simple Blogger site and has seen a few minor tweaks and changes over the past 18 months but we had found our needs have moved beyond what a pure blog can offer.

I had the pleasure of working with Sam Dolan (www.pinkpetrol.com) on a recent project and he persuaded me to sort out the web site! Sam is a web designer who has worked with a number of technologies included SharePoint (yes he knows how to skin a SharePoint site) and as you can see from this site he also does a fantastic job of creating a WordPress theme. As I’m often heard to say ‘working software over comprehensive documentation’ – take a look at his site for examples of his work.

I hope to bring you the same posts, if not better and some great content on doing Agile SharePoint Development.

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  • http://www.pinkpetrol.com Sam Dolan – www.pinkpetrol.com

    Great site! ;) great library of resource! :)

  • http://www.techticles.com Milo

    Congratulations on the new site. But you might want to view this site out in firefox 3.0 unless you only want SharePoint. :)

  • http://www.jimprince.co.uk Jim Prince
  • http://www.21apps.com Andrew Woodward

    Site should work in FF3 (have tested, if you have any problems please contact me).

    Thanks Jim, link upated – don’t think Sam noticed :)