Low mic volume on Windows 7 in Skype

Installed the Skype 4 Beta to see if this works on Windows 7 I noticed the microphone volume was very low.   I’d had a similar problem a while back,  with Vista 64bit.  Luckily the solution in my post Low mic volume in Vista 64bit solved the problem for Windows 7 as well.

Also not had any problems yet with the Skype Beta which you can get here.  I’m not sure what to make of the new Skype UI, time will tell.

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  • http://www.21apps.com AndrewWoody

    Also noticed you can up the mic volume through the sound settings and add boost if needed.

  • Adam Pond

    That worked for me after I closed the volume settings. It seems the apply button in the volume control settings does not actually apply, but still… all good now.

  • deep_k_sharma

    If Voice is slow follow this
    Right Click on Volume in Windows Volume Control
    Go to Recording Devices
    Choose microphones
    in properrty
    Go to Level
    Increase Mic Boost

  • http://www.universitysda.com bible study

    excellent post, I'll have to check back more often, thanks!

  • Ryan

    Many thanks good sir!

  • fgouvit

    any ideas about what to do if I don't have lower quality options. my list starts with CD as lower option

  • Emile van Gerwen

    Same thing on my system. Any ideas what to do?

  • Vildhan

    uninstall current driver and download and install Realtek HD driver from realtek official site, not from your mother board manufacturer. it should be something like Vista_Win7_R251 and size around 72.2 MB. Hope this will help.