iPhone – Not showing email content

A quick post as this problem took me some a while to resolve.   I dropped my iPhone which forced it to do a reset,  nothing appeared to be broken and it started up without any real issues,  that was with the exception of the email.  I use Exchange 2007 email hosting and the emails appeared to be getting pushed to the my iPhone ok; I could read the summary but every email I tried to view I just got the message

‘this message has not been downloaded from the server’

Having tried numerous things to fix it, different connectivity like WiFi and 3G I could not get the email content to download.   I even deleted the account and re-added it, all the messages got loaded but again all I could see was the summary view.  Eventually after searching various forums I saw a recurring suggestion that turned out to be the solution.  If the Date and Time on the phone is wrong then you get this problems with email.  Most threads talked about POP3, however it was enough to get me to check – and sure enough the date on the phone had reset to the year 2000.

Correcting the date and time however did not immediately solve the problem,  I no longer had the ‘this message has not been downloaded from the server’ message the contents of the email was just blank. 

I had to delete and re-add the account after setting the time.

Not SharePoint related I know but something that I thought worth blogging as its one of those annoying issues that the solutions seems to be totally unrelated.

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  • Jassen

    Exactly the same issue for me. My user took the iphone and plugged into itunes on his computer but the time and date on the home computer was incorrect resetting the iphone back a few years.

    Delete the exchange account on the iphone and redo. Everything back to normal.

  • Bababu

    I did a power cycle and I started to see my mail content

  • Macca

    Power cycle worked for me as well. Reloading the account didn't work, but hey I suppose every situation is different.

  • Jamiefenning

    Yep just had the same problem as the OP and a power cycle fixed my problem as well. Thanks Bababu

  • Ronholland

    I called Apple. The had me do a hard reset. Hold the top button and the round lower button at the same time and keep them held till you see the apple logo start back up. Completely fixed the phone, and lost nothing. Had all my contacts, eMail's, all my ipod stuff…. everything.

  • rami

    What do you mean by “doing a power cycle”?

  • Rbayer

    I had this same problem and I shutdown the iphone for a minute and powered it back on. It solved the problem

  • Cutters Barbados

    like the top and bottom simultaneous – worked like a charm

  • Da

    Hi..I had the same problem[email content not loading], what i did was closed all running apps. apparently which freed up some memory. to do that just click on the little icon labeled ''Processes'' and close all the open apps. you can find this icon inside the drop down screen which comes when you slide on the top corner of your i phone..if didn't work, try deleting your mail account from your phone and setting it again… worked for me..hope will work for you too…good luck

  • Dan Bray

    iPhone 3GS: My email content was not displayed (after trying to readjust time to daylight savings).
    Turned-off/Turned-on iPhone, and the email content reappeared.

  • Anon

    Thanks – had been messing about with it for ages and that fixed it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/dougmcarthur Doug McArthur

    that only works if your phone is jailbroken and you have the SBSettings package installed in Cydia.

  • Jdaverman

    Upgraded to iOS5 a couple of days ago and had the no-content email problem. I did the hard reset and it worked fabulously. Thanks!

  • Jdaverman

    Upgraded to iOS5 a couple of days ago and had the no-content email problem. I did the hard reset and it worked fabulously. Thanks!

  • Bychoorn

    instant fix, and lost nothing. Thanks!

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  • Dnidiffer

    I can’t thank you enough!  2 years later… worked like a charm!!!  Have a great day!

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