Social Business & Social Software Bubbles Go POP!

I wanted to share with you a very brief post about what Social Business, the new buzz word on the block, is all about…

The following doodle that I crafted late last night, will hopefully give you some insight into my thinking and I shall explain more below:

Social Business Doodle

Social Business Doodle

Social Business is unsurprisingly made up of two halves:

  1. Social
  2. Business

The top 2 panes in my doodle hopefully explain this. Social is all about a more human way of getting things done – connections, trust, values, social media e.t.c. and business, well business is about delivering value to “someone” (yes I know that’s a very vague definition) and maybe just maybe, getting things done and creating value in a more social way may make business a more enjoyable necessity!

So onto the bottom half of my doodle. The typical way that the IT industry has chosen to try to solve the “social business” challenge is to create a panacea of “Social Software”.. Da Dah!

Well almost, you see the problem with the majority of social software is that it creates little “social software bubbles” as depicted in the doodle above and we end up with these social software bubbles encapsulating AND keeping separated:

  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Customers
  • Business
  • Culture
  • Data
  • Information.

So the challenge is getting the “social software bubbles” and people to become “one”, not necessarily in some kind of zen-like state (although that would be kinda cool), but more allowing a flow of interactions between them, and if we have that flow then it’s going to be (potentially) messy and chaordic, but that is a very very good thing, trust me.

So the bottom-right quarter of my doodle, shows what I think needs to happen, our “social software bubbles” need to be popped, the contents needs to flow and all those things I listed in the previous bullet-points need to mingle, that is when we will see the true value of social business.

But for some people this concept won’t seem strange..

Complexity theory has been around for a while.

Open Innovation coined by Henry Chesborough is in my opinion a critical part of social business (and the subject of a post I’m writing for the AIIM SharePoint Community blog)

And “even” Microsoft was going down these lines with their Hybrid Organisation concepts (now called “Anywhere Working” which was a huge mistake and the subject of an in-mind future post).

So I hope you will see from my doodle above and what I have hopefully explained in the text, social business is a big deal, but it will only ever come to fruition if we break down the barriers and let human nature, social behaviour, technology and business co-initiate, co-create, co-exist and take their natural, rather chaordic course.

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