Workshop: SharePoint AND Custard! Effective SharePoint Requirements with Serious Games

We are super-excited to announce our very first workshop in our new studio space (The Custard Factory) in the heart of Birmingham’s (UK not Alabama) creative community:

The Custard Factory Wall

We are situated in the uber cool Zellig Building, feel free to give us a call and pop by and see us sometime?

Anyway, we have decided that our first workshop is going to be on Thursday 31st May and will be on the topic of SharePoint Requirements Gathering:

Register Here:
“Effective SharePoint requirements Gathering with Serious Games”

AND if you live or work in Birmingham, you qualify for a £50 discount on the workshop price… Just Enter use the code ‘BrumCustard21′ or register on this link:
I Want the Birmingham Workshop Discount!

Be honest as we WILL be checking up on you!

Workshop Overview

Getting business requirements for SharePoint is hard!:

  • Are you having trouble getting your business users to articulate their problems and requirements?
  • Do your find your business users dont know what they want?
  • Are you finding it too hard to prioritise requirements, everything is a “Must Have”?
  • Does it feel too difficult aligning requirements to your business strategy?
  • Is mapping your business requirements to SharePoint features really hard?
  • Are you defining your requirements based on the SharePoint feature list?

This exclusive workshop will give a hands-on practical application of the use of Serious Games techniques to improve the quality of business requirements and facilitate deep user and business stakeholder engagement throughout the envisoning, scoping, requirements and prioritisation activities in your SharePoint projects. Techniques include those found in:

  • Innovation Games(R)
  • Gamestorming
  • 21apps developed techniques.

Join this deep-dive workshop for an overview of the background and benefits of using Serious Games and to learn how Innovation Games techniques can be applied to SharePoint projects for SMEs up to global corporations. This workshop will also discuss how 21apps has successfully utilized these techniques.

The workshop will then go into some deep-dive, real-life, and hands-on exercises and discussions using a selection of appropriate games such as SailBoat, Product Box, Prune the Product Tree, Spider Web, Rivers of Information, Requirements Rainbow and Remember the Future. These practical discussions and exercises will help attendees realize the value of Serious Games and give some insights into how they can apply these techniques to their SharePoint projects.


  • Understanding of how Serious Games can add significant value to your SharePoint kit-bag
  • How to apply the right techniques at the right time to solve common SharePoint challenges
  • Tips and tricks to run super-effective facilitation workshops
  • Have lots of fun!

We look forward to seeing you at our workshop, register today as there’s only space for 12 people and it’s going to be awesome!

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