The changing face of SharePoint Adoption

Not one for rehashing the same old presentations I gave myself a challenge to come up with something new and engaging for the SharePoint Saturday Netherlands a few weeks back.

I have talked before about Cynefin.

Dave Snowdon notes that

The name serves as a reminder that all human interactions are strongly influenced and frequently determined by our experiences, both through the direct influence of personal experience, as well as through collective experience, such as stories or music.

And it was based on this simple idea that I built my session.

The concept is simple, we all have some experience (mostly when talking SharePoint it’s about when we started using it and what projects we have worked on), and we are looking to help people do things differently. Based on my own Cynefin the session looks at some areas that I personally find most important in helping people to adopt SharePoint.

PS: I use SharePoint but I am actually talking about a much wider technology stack today (Yammer, Office 365 etc.) – I need to come up with another term perhaps.


I welcome you comments, insights and thoughts.

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  • Patrick Guimonet

    yOS could be the name you (we all) are looking for ! yOS stand for Yammer / Office 365 / SharePoint :-)

  • AndrewWoody

    yOS – sounds a bit like MOSS… that could work :)
    Any reason for the lowercase Y?

  • Patrick Guimonet

    to mimic iOS ! ;-)