SUGUK West Midlands – Whats new in 2013

Great turn out to this evenings SUGUK west midlands event in Wolverhampton for what is planned to be a full year of events.

To demonstrate the benefit of the community my session on Whats new in 2013 was an eclectic mix of end users, it pro and developer focused content to give people a quick look at 2013 and introduce some of the areas for future discussion.

Rather than using PowerPoint I decided to use OneNote – so people can download it and continue their own journey of discovery.  But more importantly to demonstrate the vast amount of great content available.

SUGUK West Midlands.

Too many people to thank for the great content,  please do check out the links as you will find the full content along with a wealth of other great content.

Look out for details of the next events coming soon.

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