SPEvo Session – Unit Testing SharePoint

If you have been following my blog, twitter feeds and perhaps visited previous sessions I’ve done, then you will know that I am a very big advocate of Unit Testing – and have made it a personal goal to raise awareness and break down the challenges faced in doing this for SharePoint.

This time I am joining forces with the SharePoint Cowboy, Eric Shupps, to show you some of what you should know,  but also we have some exciting demo’s that you won’t want to miss.

If you understand Unit Testing,  want to learn more or just interested to see us battle it out on stage you have to attend:

DD107 – Unit Testing SharePoint

Tuesday 20th April

10:00 am to 11:00 am

Deep Dive 400 Track

Defining a successful unit testing strategy is a key component in the SharePoint software development lifecycle. In this session we will explore the various options for insuring adequate code coverage for custom SharePoint solutions, examine several different methods and tools for creating and executing unit tests, and discover tips and tricks for working with various test frameworks. There will also be a lively discussion regarding the value of implementing methodologies such as Test Driven Development and numerous real-world examples of the benefits unit testing can provide within custom SharePoint solutions



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