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The International SharePoint Conference 2012 is a new name for an event that has become regarded as THE SharePoint Conference to attend.

“Amazing event Steve, brilliant work by you, Zoe, and crew! Congratulations on the success, every person I spoke with agreed with me that yours is the best run SharePoint event in the world”

“I wanted to say that you and Steve put on a fantastic event. It’s certainly the most enjoyable conference I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in!”

“I’d just like to say WELL DONE! That conference was the best one I’ve ever been to. From the quality of the speakers and the tracks provided, to the location, to the catering – everything was spot on! “


International SharePoint Conference London


This year the name is not the only thing that is new. The format for the event is going to do something that no other event has attempted.  There will be 3 core tracks development, IT Pro and Business that will take you through the whole journey. No more, in the real world you wouldn’t do this but we only have an hour, these sessions will take you on a full journey, led by some of the industries leading experts.

Although originally I was going to be part of the development track and really help them with requirements and unit testing Smile my focus is much more on helping the business deliver measurable business value from SharePoint – so I nudged and cajoled Steve into letting me take a lead on the Business Track which, in my opinion, is going to rock!

Business Track Insight

I wouldn’t like to add up the amount of years, projects, books, blog posts and SharePints the business track speakers have combined – and I’m certainly not going to mention ages.. however you can be sure they know their stuff.

What are we doing differently?

The business track will, over the course of 16 sessions and 3 days , walk you through the activities that businesses need to do in order to journey from the original ‘Do we need SharePoint’ to ‘We’re live – now what’.

Business Track

All of the sessions will be based on a common organisation, the initial session will set the back ground to the challenges this organisation has – many of which you will be able to relate to. As we move through the journey we will look at

  • What the goals / vision are
  • The complex interrelationships that exist in organisations and how SharePoint projects tend to expose these
  • How to deal with Governance – which will expand throughout the sessions
  • Understanding the challenges around search, information, social
  • What the CIO needs to justify the investment and building the business case
  • Understanding post deployment steps and challenges to user adoption and cultural change
  • The impact of compliance
  • What SharePoint really gives you and when and how you handle expanding the platform

The business track will keep the conversations at the business level – you won’t see any of the sessions doing deep dives into the technical aspects (if you need this the IT Pro and Dev tracks cover this).

Who should go and why?

This is a dedicated track for CxO’s, project managers, business analysts, Information architects and key decision makers involved in SharePoint projects.  Plus if you work for a Microsoft partner deploying SharePoint and you want to deliver a better service to your customers then this is for you.

Basically if you have a vested interest in the success of a SharePoint Project, aren’t overly concerned about the technical details but want to really get an understanding of how the business deals with SharePoint projects then this is for you.

In addition to the great content, deep insights and conversations during the sessions you will have plenty of time to network with other people who have similar challenges and interests as well as the opportunity to pick the brains of the speakers.

3 days is a lot of time to take out of the office for business users, and often you don’t get to go to conferences so justification may be a challenge.  All I can say is these 3 days could be the most valuable 3 days you spend.

Look forward to seeing you in London.

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