ISCLondon Business Track Back Story

I introduced the back story for the International SharePoint Conference 2012 that will be used to explore the business side of SharePoint.

Back Story

Falklands Island Oil (FIO) were a specialist exploration company concentrating in the Antarctic with a vision for being environmentally neutral .  They found several 30Million barrel + fields during their exploration of that area and this allowed them to purchase Zenith Energy.  Zenith, the 6th largest oil company in the world, had the complete services ranging from exploration, tankering and customer products (Up-stream and Downstream) with operations and offices in Russia, Yellow Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Arctic, Africa and Middle East. The reason for the hostile takeover was that they had exaggerated their finds and upon independent assessment which adjusted the finds downwards the share price had fallen dramatically.  The rebranding of FIO and Zenith occurred when FIO called in Zebra Consulting (the same company which had the Ice Station incident in the early 1970’s) as they were getting different find values on the same exploration data. FIO and Zebra merged forming Fizz Energy retaining the second z as Zenith as part of the original good will agreement.

Falklands Island Oil (FIO)

  • Focus on Antarctic exploration
  • In 2010 discovered 30M+ barrel + fields
  • Massive rise in SharePrice

Hostile takeover of Zenith Energy

  • 6th Largest oil company in world
  • Operations in Russia, Yellow sea, Gulf of Mexico, Artic, Africa and Middle East
  • Recent share price crash due to over counting
  • Zebra Consulting provided independent review


  • FIO take over Zenith in 2011
  • FIO and Zebra Consulting merged as part of deal
  • Forming FIZZ Energy
  • Retaining 2nd Z as part of Zenith agreement

FIZZ Energy 2011

  • 5,000 employees
  • Based on all continents
  • Including oil rigs and tankers

FIZZ appoints new CIO

 Vision and Goals

To be the leading company in exploration, extraction, processing, storage and supply of energy through our innovation, agility, trust and responsibility.

For full details and to download the track refer check out the slide deck


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