An introduction to Agile SharePoint Development

The SUGUK Big Event of 2008 took place last night and was a resounding success. I presented an introduction to Agile SharePoint Dev with zero code demos, which was a welcome relief to the audience as Todd Bleeker had just fried their brains with the SPD to Visual Studio workflow session. (looking forward to seeing this online). This introduction looked at what Agile means, the importance of the Empirical approach and the problems with the prescriptive process that so many organisation continue to flog. I introduced the Agile manifesto which is the foundation to the changes happening in the industry.

The talk looked at Scrum as an example of an agile management process interwoven with some discussion on XP processes and how the two work together.

I have uploaded the presentation here.

Agile Sharepoint Dev (Suguk 11 July 08)

There was a lot of really good discussion that continued in the bar afterwards, a lot of things to cover over the coming months.

If you have any comments on what was presented, or what areas of agile SharePoint development you think are lacking on the web please post them here.

A big thank you to Steve Smith and Nick Swan for organising a great event, to Matt Groves, Todd Bleeker, Bill English, Penny Coventry and Steve Smith for presenting.

Hope to see you all at a future SUGUK event, the next is scheduled for 14th August in London.

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  • Jeremy Thake

    There appears to be no link to the presentation on this post…really keen to take a look.

  • Glenn

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t find any link to view/download the presentation

  • Andrew Woodward

    Added link back in, used to link to my Sky Drive – but migration to the new site seems to have stripped this out.

  • Jeremy Thake

    Great slide deck. Currently working on our internal process here and definately worth considering.

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  • Ben Weeks

    Really good slide deck. Wish I had been there for that meeting.

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