The changing face of SharePoint Adoption


Not one for rehashing the same old presentations I gave myself a challenge to come up with something new and engaging for the SharePoint Saturday Netherlands a few weeks back. I have talked before about Cynefin. Dave Snowdon notes that … Continue reading

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Working out loud

Working out loud

“Working out loud”.  I’ve used these words on a number of occasions over the past year or so, mostly when talking about Enterprise Social and the benefits of openness and transparency. My increased use of Yammer over the past year … Continue reading

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SharePoint Centre of Excellence – Video from SPC12

It was an honour to be able to present at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas in 2012. It was amazing to have about 700 people attend my session and now it’s available online for everyone to view thanks to … Continue reading

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Impact of technology form factor

Like many people over the past few years I had moved my primary device from a laptop to a tablet.  At 1st I tried to use the Microsoft Surface RT – even having this as my only device for presenting … Continue reading

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Invest in Rural Broadband and not HS2

As a family we made the decision to move to a more rural location over 10 years ago, at the time a good internet for homes was a fast modem or perhaps an ISDN line if you could afford it.  … Continue reading

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SharePoint Farm Build Automation

Thought it worth a quick post to catch any newbies to SharePoint and also to signpost some additions to the automated SharePoint farm build arena. If you’ve only every used the GUI and done the ‘spousal’* install (as brian alderman … Continue reading

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SharePoint Governance – 5 Pillars Activity Spreadsheet

21apps Pillars of Governance

If you have followed 21apps for any time you will know we talk a lot about SharePoint Governance and have used the 5 pillars of governance as a simple way to define the core elements everyone should consider when checking … Continue reading

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SUGUK West Midlands – Whats new in 2013

Great turn out to this evenings SUGUK west midlands event in Wolverhampton for what is planned to be a full year of events. To demonstrate the benefit of the community my session on Whats new in 2013 was an eclectic … Continue reading

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Gamification – Psychology and Motivation


This weeks lectures (oops, this draft post I forgot to publish) have been very informative and have a lot of resonance with the challenges faced when trying to get SharePoint adopted. If you’ve missed my previous posts on Gamification the … Continue reading

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Concerns for Information Architecture and SharePoint Online

Many of you will have done some planning around how your web applications and site collections are created and managed.  You will have been very aware of the boundaries that exist on the platform to ensure your use of SharePoint … Continue reading

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