Announcing 21Scrum – Scrum for SharePoint


21 June 2010:  We are pleased to annouce the 21Scrum has been released.   Please visit for more details and to get your copy.


Having been an advocate of SharePoint and Agile development for some time I have always found it disappointing that there has not been a decent solution for managing my Agile Projects in SharePoint.  I initially floated the idea of a scrum tool for SharePoint just under a year ago and have at last managed to dedicate some time in order to make this idea a reality – internally this is called Project Aberdovey.

Today we announce two things

  • Project Aberdovey will be called “21ScrumScrum for SharePoint



21Scrum is a Sandboxed solution that works with all editions of SharePoint 2010 including SharePoint Foundation.

The solution is made of up 3 key areas

  • Sprint Planning
  • Burndown Chart
  • Story Board

Sprint Planning

All of your backlog items are maintained in a SharePoint list,  you are free to extend the list to add additional metadata and views to make management of the backlog easier.   Planning your sprints is done using the Sprint Planning board where you plan as you would with a white board moving stories between the backlog, current and next sprints.


Sprint Planning

Visibility is central to Scrum projects and the Burndown chart provided gives you a real time view of how you sprint is progressing against the ideal.


Story Board

The story board is what the team uses during the Sprint, ideally this is a big white board in the team room – with distributed teams this is not viable.  The 21Scrum story board provides this white board view and, like the Sprint Planning, allows the team to drag and drop stories as they progress through the stages from Not Started to Done.


Getting Started

A quick guide to getting started with 21Scrum

1) Download the 21Scrum Sandboxed solution – rename the file from .zip to .wsp

21Scrum has now been released – check out the fully featured trial.

2) Navigate to the Solution Gallery in the Site Collection you want to deploy 21Scrum and click upload solution (in the solutions Tab)


3) Upload the 21Scrum solution and activate it


4) Activate the Features

21Scrum is divided into two part

  • * Site Collection Feature which has things like the WebPart definitions
  • * Site Feature which enables the lists to support the team

This split allows you to have multiple independent Scrum teams working in the same site collection.

At the root site collection activate the Site Collection Feature


And activate the Site level feature in the site that you want to manage your Scrum team


5) The Burndown Chart is provided as a web part,  add this web part to a page.


As you haven’t started doing any work yet your Burndown chart will look like this.   To make testing of the beta easier we have provided another web part.  The “Populate Demo Data” web part will create sample data as if you were half way through a sprint. Simply add this web part to a page and click “Populate Demo Data” and have a play with the Sprint Planning, Story Board and Burndown.

Giving Feedback

Having used a lot of scrum tools and often found them trying to do too many things we have kept 21Scrum very focused,  the ability to be able to get up and running quickly and for the tool to add value and not become an overhead was crucial.   However we may have missed something that you can’t live without!

The beta release of 21Scrum is available to anyone to download and use,  it is not restricted in time-boxed so please feel free to use this on real life projects.

All we ask is that you provide feedback so we can make sure that when we release 21Scrum it is the best Scrum tool available.

If you have a feature request or find a bug please add comments on this page to send an email to

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  • Todd Bleeker

    This looks absolutely awesome Andrew! Well done.

    <Todd />

  • ricky_elias

    Nice work.
    Kudos for packaging 21Scrum as a sandboxed solution, and showing how it is deployed without server access.

  • Dux Raymond Sy, PMP

    Awesome Andrew – will definitely use it!

  • Andy

    Thanks for this work, we will take a look. I would recommend a burn-up chart instead, which allows you to plot the increase in total task work as a top line which you burn up to – this always happens in a Sprint. Burn-down isn't that helpful because of this inflexibility, it's always tracking to a remaining work that is historical not current. (By the way, there is a Sharepoint solution for Agile, it's called Team Foundation in Visual Studio … from MS).

  • AndrewWoody

    Thanks Andy, I have to confess to having never heard of a Burn Up Chart before. I found a good post on it here (…).

    I understand the reasoning behind it, but it assumes that the product owner has done a good job at managing the release planning. I'm not sure I see the benefit of this, the burn down is for the team during the sprint – from this we can calculate the velocity – and we can (although it is not in 21Scrum yet) plot the velocity over time.

    The product owner can uses this velocity to plan what they do and don't want to achieve in any release, the main thing that a Burn Up chart gives is when the product owner adds or removes from a release – although as a team you expect this to happen all the time.

    I'll definately have a play with Burn Up Charts, i'll also add it as a user story to the backlog for consideration. Perhaps you can expand on why you feel this is an essential requirement :)

    In regards to TFS – yes they have an Agile template, but it assumes you have TFS. 21Scrum is meant to be light weight, easy to use, easy to deploy and is Sandboxed based meaning it can be installed without big a overhead in IT.

    Thanks for commenting.

  • AndrewWoody

    Bug #1 – when moving a story from current or next sprint back to the backlog you get a number conversion error. This has been fixed, if you need urgently let me know – will be a simple Sandbox solution upgrade.

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  • Maurice Prather

    Excellent work! Looking forward to using it on the next set of internal projects. :-)

  • peace4men

    Any idea about Scrum in Sharepoint 2007

  • AndrewWoody

    We did consider a 2007 version, and if there is demand we will still do it. In 2007 it would have to be a full deployment as 2007 doesn't have the sandbox capabilities.

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  • Jay O'Hara


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  • Chris Ruska

    A version for WSS 3.0 would be greatly received and appreciated.

  • Redford McMannus

    Will definately be giving this a go, sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking foto aid me in my efforts to better customise sharepoint

  • rmaguire23

    I would love to see a 2007 version. Just posting to hightlight desire! Let me know if I can help sway the decision.

  • JakeJBlues

    Great work, thx :-) I'm waiting for the new release!

    Greetings JJR

  • Mark Eskandar

    I too would very much appreciate a 2007 version!

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  • Mesan

    Does this work with Sharepoint Foundation 2010? I can't seem to find the solution gallery. :(

  • AndrewWoody

    Yes it does with with SharePoint Foundation 2010. The solution gallery can be found by navigating to Site Actions > Site Settings > Solutions (at the bottom of the under the Galleries section).

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  • Zitoune

    Andrew, do you know if it would be possible to use this in Microsoft's BPOS environment? We use their hosted services.

  • AndrewWoody

    BPOS today is based on SharePoint 2007 – so 21Scrum is not compatible. However as a Sandboxed solution it will work with BPOS when the platform is moved to SharePoint 2010 which I expect to happen this year (although no dates yet).

  • Chris Currie


    I don't suppose this will work on SharePoint Server 2007 would it?

  • AndrewWoody

    At this point it's SharePoint 2010 only, if we get enough requests for a 2007 edition then we will have to consider it.

    I've posted it as an idea on our community site to see if we get enough people interested.

  • ShurikEv

    I can not activate this solution. Sharepoint (russian – 1049) tells me that I do not have permission, even though I am an administrator at the site collection and I have successfully activate other sandbox solutions.

  • simon

    I seem to have a problem related to activating the solution.
    The 21apps.Aberdovy site collection feature is unavailable.

    The eventlog show following error:
    Event manager error: Could not load file or assembly '21apps.Aberdovey.SPSolution, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a756c8dd6b01ce59' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

    Any comments?

  • Zyphers

    I'm going to give it a try :) Thanks

  • AndrewWoody

    Which version are you using, i.e. the name of the solution download.
    Can you provide more info regarding your SharePoint installation. i.e. is it SPF or SharePoint Server, is it Beta or RTM?


  • AndrewWoody

    The site collection feature event handler will create a new list in the site. A couple of things to check:

    1) can you create the lists ok?
    2) What account is the SPUserCode service running under and can this user create the list.


  • simon

    This is no longer an issue.
    I was using a beta release of SharePoint.

    Switched to an RTM now.
    Different problem. Cannot activate the solution for the site collection.
    No errors, the button “Activate” is just grayed out… damn.

    Using 21apps.Aberdovey.Beta.010405.2

  • Quinten

    Cannot activate the latest version

  • AndrewWoody

    Which version of SharePoint are you running on? RTM, Beta?

    Do you get any errors in the SharePoint Logs?

  • AndrewWoody

    Can you activate any sandbox solutions?

    Can you check the the User Code Service is running in your SharePoint farm.

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  • AndrewWoody

    Try netconnet – they have a dedicated 21Scrum SAAS solution

  • Ole Christian Smerud

    Carlos – we are about to launch 21scrum on our SAAS platform – I’m happy to set up a trial for you.

  • Daniel Westerdale

    Hi Andrew

    This is timely, as last night I briefed the dev team over a conference call that I am recommending we manage enhancements to our portal using a  scrum tool for SharePoint. Today,  I will download your tool and see how easy it  tailor for our development e.g. add metadata to the task items.

  • Daniel Westerdale

    Hi Andrew

    This is timely, as last night I briefed the dev team over a conference call that I am recommending we manage enhancements to our portal using a  scrum tool for SharePoint. Today,  I will download your tool and see how easy it  tailor for our development e.g. add metadata to the task items.

  • Daniel Westerdale

    Now installed,  and I have modified the backlog list columns in SPD: StoryDiscription is RTF , added related items which lookups related backlog items and added a few other columns applicable to the work here. Obvious question, I take it the estimate is in days and not say a planning poker weight factor.

    Looks good….You planning any updates.

  • Ella Mapple

    The first step is to train the project managers in Agile Project Management. Try to get them to be certified scrum masters, and agile project managers, preferably from Project Management Institute.